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Being tooth-wise helps you make informed choices, prioritize treatment and improve your dental health.

Symptom Checker

Maybe you just noticed something in your mouth that looks funny or doesn't feel quite right.  Find symptoms,  descriptions and pictures of  dental conditions.  

Learn when you can wait for pain to improve and when to go straight to your dentist here.

About Your Gums

Treating gingivitis early prevents more serious gum conditions.   Do your gums always bleed?   Even stubborn swollen and sore gums can be improved.  Learn what may be causing your stubborn gum problems here.

Learn more about the latest gum treatments  here.  How much should it cost?  How long should it take?  How successful is it?  Are there less expensive alternatives?

Dental Care Products

 Don't buy the product with the flashiest ads, learn what  works best for your situation and more importantly chose something that you will be willing to use everyday.

I can help you choose a toothpaste, mouthwash, electric toothbrush, whitening product or supplement based on your budget, schedule and dental needs here.  

Tooth Clenching and Grinding

These habits are to blame for sensitive teeth, receding gums, and sore jaw joints and muscles.  Yet many are not aware of this destructive habit.

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of bruxism and how to stop here.

How to Choose the Best Dentist

As long as there have been dentists there have been bad dentists.   Mean ones and dishonest ones.   

If you have ever had one of them, it makes you want to stay away from all dentists.  But you shouldn't.  There are some great dentists who will treat you right.  

Learn how to find them here.

Dental Insurance

What is covered?  Do you really need it?  Learn how to evaluate your needs, estimate your future costs and make an informed decision. 

Compare dental plans.  

An unbiased comparison of various types  of dental insurance here.

Dental Fear

Who's afraid of the big bad dentist?

A lot of people!

Don't let your dental health suffer because of fear!  

Learn about anxiety easing techniques that really work and sedation options for your comfort here.

Baby Teeth

From the day they show up, baby teeth can be a source of stress and concern for parents.  

Even though they are eventually lost, baby teeth have an important role in your child's development. 

Learn baby teeth facts every parent should know here.

Dental Implants

Teeth implants are life changing.  

They are by far the most exciting thing to happen in dental health.  

Learn how to transition from unattractive or painful teeth to a beautiful smile that puts joy back into your life here.

Any Question?

Hundreds  of questions have already been  answered here in our readers forum.  Browse our Q and A section or contact me here.

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