Welcome to Tooth Wisdom University!   I'm so happy you are here.  I'm Shelly Fesler founder of this site and a practicing dental hygienist for the past 30some years.  

I can help you:

  • Keep your mouth looking and feeling fantastic 
  • Navigate the zillion dental products that are out there without overwhelm
  • Find great dental care and not get ripped off in the process.

Products Why in the world are there so many toothpaste and mouthwash choices these days and how can you know which ones are best?

Electric toothbrushes and power irrigators and flossers are everywhere as well.  Are they really necessary and which brands are best?

Home remedies can be helpful or can do more harm than good.  This article will help you know what and when to try a home remedy and when to go straight to the dentist.

Over treatment and overcharging by dentists is happening. Makes me sad for my profession but you don't have to be a victim.  How to get what you need from your dentist....nothing more, nothing less.   Here's my guide to help you find the best dentists.

Fun Fact

Those who keep their teeth live an average of 10 years longer than those who don't.

You need your teeth to enjoy food and healthy gums to decrease dangerous inflammation in your body.  

And... you look a whole lot better with teeth than you do without.  

Thanks for stopping by.  If you have questions contact me here.