4 teeth extracted - How much should a bridge cost?

by Michele

I had four front teeth pulled need a bridge. They are charging me ten thousand dollars. This seems very expensive. I believe I'm being ripped off!! What can I do?? Please help!!

That does sound like a lot for a bridge. Assuming you have not started treatment, you have options.

First you may want to ask if there are choices. Many times there is more than one treatment option and there is often a big price difference.

A removable partial is most likely an option. Though not as ideal as a bridge or implants, a partial is a lot cheaper. A partial might cost anywhere between $500 - $1000. Partials take a little getting used to but many people have partials and are happy with them.

A bridge is typically the mid-priced option for replacing teeth and can cost around $1000 per unit sometimes more and sometimes less. If you are missing one tooth, you would need a 3 unit bridge. All teeth that are replaced and all anchor teeth count as one unit. So if they are replacing your 4 front teeth and using 2 teeth as anchors, yours would be a 6 unit bridge.

Implants are the best way to replace teeth because they look, feel and function like real teeth. Implants can last a lifetime. They are also the most expensive option with prices starting at $2500 per tooth. You may be able to get an implant bridge that should cost less.

I would get a second option to see what your options are and compare cost.

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