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5 Reasons to Buy Dental Insurance for Kids

Purchasing dental insurance for kids will help you pay for the most expensive dental events in your child's life and keep preventative care from falling off your radar.

Braces and wisdom teeth are in most kids' future.  

These potential budget busters are much easier on your wallet if you have insurance.  

Prevention is key. Insurance providers agree and quite often they generously cover 100% of these procedures.

Preventative Reasons

1. Sealants

Sealants are recommended to protect the chewing surfaces of permanent molars.  These cavity prone surfaces have deep grooves that are difficult for kids to keep clean.  Sealants are a protective coating that result in smoother, less vulnerable surfaces.

2. Fluoride treatments

Fluoride helps to strengthen enamel making it more resistant to decay.

3. Twice yearly checkups

Your check up allows problems to be found when they are small and areas that are potential problems to be identified and brought to your attention.  Coverage for preventative care most often includes a dental cleaning, fluoride treatment, X-Rays and exam. 

Help with Dental Budget Busters

dental insurance for kids

4. Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is recommended for most kids and costs several thousand dollars.  Some dental insurance plans pay a portion of this expense. Learn more about the cost of orthodontic treatment here.

5. Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth quite often need to be removed after orthodontic treatment is complete.  Many times there is not enough room for them to erupt correctly.  This procedure is usually needed during  late teen years or early twenties.  

The cost of wisdom teeth removal varies depending on how many teeth need to be removed, if they are impacted, and if sedation is needed, but can easily be $1000 - $2000.

Why buy dental insurance for kids?

Dental coverage helps with the cost of routine and not so routine care that keeps your child's teeth looking, feeling and functioning perfectly. 

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