Xylimelt Lozenges for Dry Mouth

Xylimelt Lozenges: Something New For Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is becoming more common far a variety of reasons.  Causes include OTC and prescription medications, aging, radiation therapy and Sjorgrens Syndrome.   More about dry mouth causes here.  Most causes are our of our control, however it is worth knowing what is causing your dry mouth and changing whatever you can to improve it.  

Dry mouth is not only annoying and uncomfortable but it increases the risk for tooth decay, periodontal disease and chronic bad breath.

I was first introduced to Xylimelt lozenges at a dental seminar. The instructor was talking for the entire morning and used this product to keep her mouth from drying out. She highly recommended it as an effective solution for dry mouth.

How Xylitol Works

Xylimelt Lozenges treat dry mouth in a new way that is different from other dry mouth products. The lozenges are placed in the check near the parotid glands in order to stimulate your own saliva flow vs mouthwash or gel that are used to moisturize your mouth by adding enzymes that are found in saliva.

Both are useful but one may work better for you and if you struggle with dry mouth it makes sense to try both.

Saliva gets into your  mouth through salivary ducts that are located under your tongue and in each cheek near the upper first molars.  As a side note, this is why most people build calculus - aka tarter, on the inside surface of the lower front teeth and the cheek side surface of the upper molars.  The stream of saliva in these 2 areas makes plaque on your teeth mineralize and turn into calculus faster than in it does other areas.

The ingredient Xylitol decreases tooth decay. Xylitol is a natural ingredient that has been shown to strengthen enamel and prevent cavities.

Xylimelt lozenges can be used day or night to promote saliva stimulation and prevent dry mouth.  

These lozenges have the potential to relieve symptoms longer than a mouthwash or gel because they stay in your mouth longer and unlike sucking on mints or hard candy to keep your mouth moist, won't put you at risk for cavities.

Xylitol Reviews

If you are like me, you depend on first hand reviews. so I looked on amazon and found a couple reviews for your information:  

Read reviews and purchase Xylimelt from Amazon

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