abcessed second molar removed November still having problems

by Jana

I had an abcessed upper back molar removed just before Thanksgiving and it is now New Years Eve. Still doesn't feel quite right. Gums are healing and are pale but extraction site center still has a small red spot and is sore when pressed. The dentist says the red spot could be from adjacent tooth with cavity, she says it "could be throwing out bacteria and irritating that spot". Is this possible? She has also made me wait until next Tuesday to deal with that bad tooth as she wanted the extraction site to heal more. Now the cavity is worse and very painful. Is it normal to make someone wait this long to deal with a second dental issue?


Hi Jana, I don't know all the details but I'm not sure why you would need to wait to have the cavity treated. I would ask her why she thinks waiting is necessary. Cavities only get bigger and more painful.

Cavities that are big enough to cause a toothache many times need a root canal in addition to a filling or crown. Pain that wakes you up at night for several nights in a row and is increasing is one sign that the nerve is damaged and needs a root canal.

When treatment has to be delayed for any reason sometimes an antibiotic is prescribed if there is an infection in the bone or tissue around the tooth. Antibiotics will sometimes relieve the pain but the tooth will still need treatment or the pain and infection will return.

My advice is always to ask a lot of questions until the treatment makes sense to you. If anything doesn't make sense, a second opinion is a good idea.

I hope you feel better soon,

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