Abscessed Tooth With Pimple

by Mark McDonough

I am a sixty five year old male and my dentist has told me I have an abscessed tooth. There is a pimple that is draining the abscess area and I don't have any pain. The tooth has had root canal therapy in the past and has 2 pins installed to hold dental work in place. He is recommending tooth removal and dental implant. Does this seem reasonable or is there other options I should be looking at.


Hi Mark, It would depend on how healthy the bone is around the tooth and the general condition of the tooth. You may have some options.

When there is a drainage fistula (pimple) there is typically no pain but there is still an infection that should be treated.

Root canals can sometimes be re-done by a dentist or endodontist and a procedure called an apicoectomy can also be done by an endodontist in some situations. There are a lot a variables but it might be worth getting another opinion.

Endodontic treatment is expensive and is less successful on teeth that already have root canals. Your dentist may be unsure if additional treatment would work and is trying to save you money and time by going straight to an implant.

These days implants are so successful dentists seem less inclined to recommend treatment when they are unsure of the outcome. They don't want to put you through procedures only to eventually end up doing an extraction and implant. It makes sense.

I have personally had 3 root canals fail and need re-treatment. I had one root canal re-treatment and 2 apicoectomies by an endodontist. All three were successful.

Implants are great but I still prefer natural teeth if there is a reasonable treatment option. I'm always up for trying treatment that allows me to keep a tooth vs getting an implant but not everyone feels this way.

If you decide to pursue other options, I would recommend seeing an endodontist vs a general dentist.

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