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Use ACT Mouthwash 
A simple way to prevent cavities 

ACT mouthwash is the most well known over-the-counter fluoride rinse.  It is highly recommended for those who need additional cavity protection. 

When a fluoride supplement is beneficial

  • For those who drink well water
  • For those who drink bottled or filtered water
  • If you have a dry mouth
  • If you are a mouth breather
  • If you have orthodontic brackets on your teeth

If you are tired of getting cavities and want to make your teeth harder, stronger, tougher and less prone to tooth decay, ACT is the best OTC product for you.  

Crest ProHealth and some Listerine products have fluoride but ACT has more fluoride and is my first choice for strengthening weak enamel.

There are mouthwash products that claim to fix everything.  You may not need everything fixed.  

Most of us are prone to either gum problems or teeth problems....not both.  

I like ACT because it treats one problem…Cavities!

Why use a mouthwash that is full of stuff that you don't need? 

Swishing with ACT each night before going to bed is the easiest way to improve your tooth decay problem.

Learn More About Fluoride

Fluoride rinse has many benefits and is not just for kids. You can say "no-thanks" to ocean-berry but don't skip the fluoride.

Fluoride mouthwash: Here's how ACT compares to other rinses.

  • Listerine Total Care .0221% sodium fluoride
  • Crest Pro Health Rinse .0219% stannous fluoride
  • Act Restoring Mouthwash .05% sodium fluoride

ACT Restoring has the highest fluoride concentration, only has to be used once a day.

Crest ProHealth Rinse has stannous fluoride which is good for both fighting cavitiies and improving gingivitis.

If you are one of the few who have gum disease and need extra cavity protection, Crest ProHealth Rinse is a good all purpose choice.

If your biggest problem is gum disease and you don't get cavities, you don't need ACT but should use Listerine mouthwash.    

Listerine is the best choice for treating gingivitis and more severe gum disease.  Learn why I prefer Listerine for gum problems here.

For the kids...

  • Listerine Smart Rinse - .022% sodium fluoride
  • Crest Pro Health For Me - .022% sodium fluoride
  • ACT - .05% sodium fluoride

ACT has twice as much fluoride and should only be used once a day.

It is my choice for kids 6 yrs and older who are cavity prone and are able to rinse without swallowing.

Adults should supervise young children to be sure they are not swallowing their mouthwash.  I suggest having your child practice rinsing and spitting with water first.    It comes in four flavors: bubble gum, mint, cinnamon and ocean-berry.