Alternatives to Arestin

by Alex
(W. Yarmouth MA USA)

My Dental Hygienist says I have 10 pockets that she wants to treat with Arestin at a cost of $47 each.

I can't afford that. I question whether I need this treatment. Are there alternatives?


Hi Alex, Great question. Yes absolutely there are alternatives.

Studies show using a waterpik with the pic pocket tip can be more effective in reducing pockets when used regularly.

Arestin's own studies show a reduction of less than 1mm in 6mm pockets.

Periostat is another prescription med for gum disease. It works well and is very affordable. It is a very low dose antibiotic that is taken daily for 3-6 months. I prefer starting with something simpler like a Waterpik.

this article discusses why Arestin is not more popular among gum specialists.

I have used Arestin but never for someone who needs help with more than a couple pockets. It's just too expensive. I've seen a few good results but nothing that blows me away and nothing that is sustainable without frequent retreatment.

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