Another Sensodyne Victim--How Can I Feel Better Faster?

I used the Sensodyne Repair and Protect for 2 weeks and have red swollen gums, sores on my gums, and extremely painful sores under my tongue. My gums also bled a couple times when I brushed. I haven't eaten or drank anything new in the past couple weeks and decided this must be due to the toothpaste.

Once I realized this was related to the Sensodyne I started using Peroxyl and Orabase to soothe the sores and of course switched to a different toothpaste.

I'm finally starting to notice things feeling better but it's been slow progress--Shelly anything else I can do to feel better faster?

I suspect the Stannuous Fluoride was to blame, I have used Pronamel and "regular" Sensodyne for years with no problem. I have a broken leg so I can't drive to the dentist, I'm hoping this is something I can manage with OTC treatments.

It sounds like you are on the right track! I'm glad you are feeling better.

The only suggestion I have is to brush and floss very gently until your gums recover. Use an extra soft toothbrush. You can run your toothbrush under hot water before using to soften the bristles if you don't have an extra soft one. You may need to brush longer to clean every surface but your gums will heal faster if you don't scrub but use slower circular strokes.

A WaterPik is a gentle but thorough alternative to flossing when your gums are sore...turn the power to the low setting.

I hope you feel better soon. If your symptoms don't resolve I would recommend seeing your dentist.

Thank you for writing,

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