Another Wisdom Tooth Erupting After Extraction?

by Marsha
(Trinidad )

I extracted my wisdom tooth about a year ago about two days ago my gum felt sore I think that I am feeling another tooth about to erupt where that tooth is extracted can this be possible?


Hi Marsha, I doubt you have another tooth as it would have been noticed on the x-ray you had taken before your extraction. But you may have a bone fragment. Sometimes bone fragments work their way to the surface following a tooth extraction. Bone fragments, also called spicules are small pieces of bone that are broken during the extraction. It takes some time for these small pieces of bone to come to the surface. They often feel very sharp and can annoy your tongue or cheek tissues.

Bone spicules can be easily removed by your dentist and are an unavoidable occurrence after a tooth extraction.

This may or may not be your issue but is one possibility. I would recommend seeing your dentist if the problem persists.

Thanks for writing,

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