Are antibiotics necessary after a tooth extraction?

by Dawn
(Ohio )

I had an abscessed tooth that I just got removed the day before yesterday. When the abscess was first noticed, I was started on a round of amoxicillin. After just a day, the pain went away, but the antibiotics made me sick. I only took 5 or 6 pills. (I was supposed to take 3 a day for 10 days.) But my dentist said I was clear.

Now that the tooth is removed, I was started on another round of antibiotics prescribed by my oral surgeon. I throw them up half the time and when I don't, I gag and dry heave so bad that I just wish I'd throw them up. How necessary is it to keep trying to take it? I think the antibiotics are the worst part of the extraction! I'm a full time college student and a mom to a toddler so I don't have time to be sick all day, but I also don't have time to get an infection!

(I've already called my dentist's answering service several times so far over the weekend so it's embarrassing to keep calling back!)

Thanks in advance

Hi Dawn, I'm so sorry. That sounds just miserable.

Since I don't know why they prescribed the 2nd round of antibiotics I don't know how important it is for you to soldier on.

I do know that a second round is not always prescribed the first round is sometimes all that is needed with an abscess and extraction.

I sure wouldn't feel embarrassed about calling! You have a very good reason for calling and you deserve a response. In fact I would call your physician or your general dentist if you don't hear from the surgeon.

Hope you feel better soon

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