bad breath with temporary denture

by Crystl
(Boise,I'd, usa)

I had all my top teeth pulled and a denture put in the same day, I'm currently having bad breath the oozing has a nasty taste, the pain is ramping down but I keep reading that the above are signs of a dry socket, could it also be because I have the denture in 24/7 right now.


Hi Crysrtl,

I think it could be because of the denture being in 24/7. That certainly prevents you from gently rinsing the area, but should also protect the healing blot clot and make getting a dry socket less likely. I think the most reliable sign of a dry socket is pain that increases a few days after your extraction. Your pain improving is a good sign for sure. Hopefully you have specific instructions from your dentist regarding the denture. If you have any questions or concerns about your extractions or denture don't hesitate to ask your dentist or surgeon.

Thanks for writing,

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