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How to Avoid a Bad Dentist 

One bad dentist can make it harder for all the good ones to take good care of you. Once trust is lost, life is more difficult all around.  

How do you know if yours is good or bad? Reviews and ratings are helpful, but may not be entirely unbiased.

At the end of the day, watch for these tell-tale signs and follow your instincts.

Signs of a bad dentist

Over treats - Dentists who aggressively recommend expensive treatment as necessary when it is optional or not needed at all.

Doesn't give treatment options Many dental problems have more than one possible treatment option. I love dentists who clearly explain the problem and then give their clients options for how to treat it.

Makes you feel pressured Does your dentist pressure you to have treatment done before you understand why it is being recommended, or turn a check up into a sales pitch?

Doesn't correct mistakes No one's perfect, including your dentist. Mistakes happen and a good dentist will offer to replace any work that is not satisfactory.

Never gives refunds If a treatment fails soon after it is completed most dentists are willing to either retreat or refund all or part of the fee.

Not gentle Good dentists are concerned for their patients comfort. They should be gentle and keep confirming that you are comfortable throughout your appointment.

Doesn't listen We all have different priorities and budgets. A good dentist will listen to your goals for your teeth and prioritze your treatment needs accordingly.

The best dentists are conservative and offer the least invasive solution to fit your needs.

Sometimes expensive and lengthy treatments are necessary...and it's worth investing time and money to improve your health and appearance.

But you should never feel forced or pressured.

How to make a good choice

To see if there have been complaints against a dentist, call your state dental licensing board aka dental board of examiners.

If you are feeling unsure about anything your dentist has recommended or treatment that has been done, it's worth a little time and money to get a second opinion.

Prices vary and you might find much more affordable dental treatment and a dental practice that is a better fit for your needs.

There are a lot of great dentists out there...follow these tips for finding a good dentist.

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