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How to Choose The Best Floss 

After years of flossing teeth of all shapes and sizes, The best floss in my opinion is reach woven also called gentle gum care.

the best floss

It cleans thoroughly and because it is soft like a piece of yarn doesn't hurt your gums.  

It is ideal if your gums are sore or swollen.

But since this floss tends to shred and break, it may not be your favorite.

Don't worry there are other choices... 

Glide ~ Satin

Glide is the favorite choice by far because it does exactly what it says. Glides easily between your teeth without breaking or shredding.  Oral-B Satin  is very similar to Glide.

Glide dental floss is a great choice if you are just starting to floss.

You are much more likely to keep it up if it doesn't break, get stuck between your teeth, or hurt your fingers.

The downside?  Glide does exactly what it says.

Glides right over some of the plaque on your teeth. Glide doesn't clean quite as well as the others.

Don't worry if you love glide. Use it until flossing becomes easy then try switching.  Here is what made me switch from Glide to woven.


If you love glide, you will probably hate unwaxed.

Unwaxed used to be the choice for hard core flossers. They liked it because it's fibers spread out on your tooth and removed plaque like nobody's business.

The problem: Unwaxed dental floss is thin, hurts your fingers, shreds and breaks like crazy, and hurts your gums unless you have perfect technique.

Why make a difficult task even harder?

Dental Tape

Dental tape is a flat, extra thick, waxed floss. Dental tape covers more of your tooth and doesn't hurt your fingers or gums.

The problem?

Dental tape is too thick for most people. It is really hard to get between your teeth. Dental tape is good only if you have alot of space between your teeth.


floss reviews

Waxed dental floss has some advantages. The wax keeps it from breaking and gives it "grip".

Waxed  is not slippery so it "sticks" to your tooth and removes plaque easily.

It Is easier on your fingers and gums than unwaxed.

Waxed dental floss is a good choice.

Reach Woven

Reach woven dental floss looks like a piece of yarn.

And has fibers that spread out and remove plaque as well as unwaxed.

Woven dental floss is gentle on your gums and fingers. Is not too slippery and better than most at removing plaque.

Woven floss is mint flavored and has fluoride for extra cavity protection between your teeth.

Because of the yarn like fibers, woven dental floss shreds easier than glide dental floss or waxed dental floss. First get comfortable with flossing then give it a try.

Because it is gentle and cleans so well woven  is the best dental floss for me.


There are some brands that have a "burst" of whitening. Hmm...    

I think there are better ways to whiten your teeth:)

Here are a few ideas.

Flavored or unflavored?

It makes no difference. I like flavored. If you are taking the time to floss why not add a little flavor?

Water Floss

Can't find any floss that works for you?   Don't worry, you can still maintain healthy gums. Try a WaterPik flosser.

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Waterpik Flosser


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