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Best Mouthwash For Gum Disease

There are so many mouthwash brands and they are not all the same.  It is important to use one that is made for the issue you have.  

Here are my top picks for mouthwash brands made to improve gum disease in order of my preference.


Rinses containing chlorhexicine gluconate are very effective.  They kill a broad spectrum of bacteria and even delay their regrowth.  This mouthwash requires a prescription in the US.

Chlorhexidine rinses have several different brand names.  The most common brands prescribed in the US are Perioguard and Peridex.

Rinses containing chlorhexidine are ideal for short term use to give your sore or infected gums a healing boost by significantly reducing bacteria.

Learn more about chlorhexidine rinses and possible side effects here.


Listerine has been shown in studies to be almost as effective as the prescription chlorhexidine rinses. Listerine is widely available in a variety of flavors.

Only the original formula was studied and compared to chlorhexidine.

Though effective, Listerine has a very strong flavor and can cause tissue irritation in some. 

More about Listerine here.

Crest ProHealth

Crest makes a variety of rinses in their ProHealth line.  Some are made specifically for gum disease. These rinses contain the ingredient stannous fluoride which has been shown to kill the bacteria associated with gum disease.

Crest ProHealth rinses have a milder flavor than Listerine and may be more tolerable.

More about Crest ProHealth rinse and possible side effects here.

Salt Water

If you like old school home remedies salt water may be just the thing for you.  I still recommend warm salt water rinses for certain gum irritations.

Warm salt water is soothing and has a mild flavor.  It is ideal for those who are sensitive to mouthwash ingredients and everyone has it on hand.

More about salt water rinses here.

What you should know

Mouthwash is just one way to keep your gums healthy and should always be combined with professional dental care.

Brushing, flossing and using an oral irrigator are also helpful for maintaining healthy gums.

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