Best Solutions for Gum Disease

by Rosa
(Los Fresnos Tx. USA)

My dentist said I have gum disease which explains why I've been battling bad breath for so long. And losing some teeth. She did not offer any solutions though.


Hi Rosa, I'm sorry you have gum disease. There are many ways to treat gum disease depending on how far it has progressed. The goal of all treatments is to eliminate destructive bacteria. Like most diseases it is easier to treat when caught early. Once you have lost bone and tissue support treatment becomes more difficult.

I would recommend getting more information about your condition. Even though you have lost some teeth, you may have others that are not seriously diseased and can be successfully treated. It is possible for some teeth to have severe gum disease and others early and very reversible symptoms. I encourage you to get treatment once you have a thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums.

Thanks for writing and good luck,

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