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Best Teeth Whitening Strips

The best teeth whitening strips are easy to use, affordable, and don't make your teeth hurt.

Strips are a popular choice for teeth whitening at home and the least expensive of the available methods. 

Do they really work? Yes, but it takes more time and effort compared to custom whitening trays or one hour professional whitening.

I hear teeth whitening strips reviews from my clients. Some really like them others, not so much...

Based on their comments, here is my opinion:

Teeth whitening strips are perfect if your teeth are slightly discolored and you don't mind spending a little more time...instead of money.

For very discolored teeth, clients don't see results fast enough and tend to be less happy with whitening strips.

Best brand?

best teeth whitening strips

Whitening strips come in a wide variety. It can be confusing. The variable factor is concentration of hydrogen peroxide gel. Higher concentrations work faster but will make your teeth more sensitive and are more expensive.

The best teeth whitening strips depend on your priority...

Save money Lower priced teeth whitening strips are a good choice for those with more time than money. They are not as strong and will take at least two weeks of daily use. If you go generic, be sure to check the number of strips in each box when comparing prices. Some generic brands cost less but have fewer strips.

Save time If time is important look for whitening strips that gaurantee results in three days. They have a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide and will require fewer applications.

Avoid whitening sensitivity Some whitening strips are made for sensitive teeth and gums. However, any whitening strip can be adjusted for sensitivity. Just leave them on your teeth for a shorter time or take a day off between applications.

Whitening tips

Avoid staining foods Avoid dark foods and liquids during your use of whitening strips and for a day or two after.

Watch your gums Even the best home whitening strips allow some peroxide gel to get on your gums. Be sure to check for gum irritation.

Whitening products can sometimes turn your gums white and they will be sore but will clear up if you take a day or two off from whitening and give your gums a break. Vitamin E oil works great for this type of gum irritation. Apply it directly to your gums.

If you like the idea of teeth whitening at home, a faster option is custom  whitening trays.   These trays are made by your dentist and stay in place better than strips.  You can use a much stronger whitening gel that should take fewer applications.

The initial investment for custom whitening trays is more expensive than whitening strips but less than one hour professional whitening. 

Long term it is the most affordable method because all you need to buy is whitening gel which is less expensive than strips.

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