How to Choose the Best Toothpaste Brands

Certain toothpaste brands and ingredients are intended to improve particular dental problems.  The best one for you depends on what issues you have.

For best results choose a toothpaste that is made specifically for what you need.

Preventing cavities

For cavity fighting power, look for fluoride in your toothpaste. Almost all toothpastes have sodium fluoride. There are some that have stannous fluoride. Both prevent tooth decay.  

Some toothpaste brands have more fluoride than others.

One example is Colgate Prevident, a prescription strength fluoride gel.

This product is a great choice if you tend to get a lot of cavities.

Prevident also helps to decrease tooth sensitivity.

It can be used once a day or even a few times a week and doesn't have to be used exclusively.

Click here to read about the benefits of fluoride

Sensitive teeth

Sensodyne is helpful if your teeth are sensitive near the gum line. Prevident also improves tooth sensitivity and because it prevents cavities too, is my first choice for sensitive teeth.

Treating the cause of the problem is always better than treating the symptoms.  After ruling out a dental problem (like a cavity) that needs treatment.  Consider these possible causes:

  • Clenching and grinding teeth can make them sensitive.
  • Brushing too hard can also cause receding gum line. If you have a receding gum line, you should use a non abrasive brand. In addition to toothpaste receding gums treatment includes simple changes that prevent this problem from progressing.

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Tooth erosion

What is tooth erosion?  It is the wearing away of enamel.  It is due to acids vs mechanical forces.  Learn more about tooth erosion here.

Toothpaste for dental erosion strengthens teeth that have been weakened by chemical erosion that occurs because of acidic foods, acid reflux or eating disorders.  

The same toothpastes that are recommended for sensitive are great for tooth erosion.  They are Sensodyne or Prevident.

Teeth whitening

The best whitening toothpaste removes surface stains from your teeth. With less surface stain, your teeth will look whiter.

However, whitening toothpaste does not change tooth color.  It's only toothpaste after-all. 

Significant teeth whitening or teeth bleaching can't be done with toothpaste.

There are three ways to whiten teeth but many more teeth whitening products...

Click here for more about teeth whitening.

Dry mouth

Biotene toothpaste replaces some of the enzymes that are in saliva.

Dry mouth is a complicated condition and toothpaste won't cure it but will make it more manageable.   This article offers some additional suggestions for improving dry mouth

Fluoride free

Not a fan of fluoride?   Here's why I like fluoride.  

If I can't convince you...There are some good fluoride free toothpaste brands for you.

Gum problems

Toothpaste for gum disease should be non abrasive with bacteria decreasing ingredients.   Colgate Total is one option.

Have you ever wonder why most toothpaste is mint?

Here's why

The ingredient triclosan plus a low abrasivity score make it a good choice.  

Stannous fluoride slows the growth of gum disease causing bacteria and gives you cavity protection too.

Crest ProHealth has Stannous fluoride and would also be a good choice for preventing gum disease.  Here's my preference.

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For kids

Kids toothpaste makes brushing fun.

Fluoride free or training toothpaste is good for very young children who like to swallow their toothpaste.

More about toothpaste for kids here.

Don't forget...

Choosing the right brand is important. But, the best toothpaste in the world wont keep your teeth and gums healthy if you don't use great technique.

Technique and frequency are just as important as the products you use and will help to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

With that in mind... find the one that best fits your needs, click here for easy ways to improve your technique and don't stress out in the toothpaste aisle.

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