Big jelly like ball over extraction site

Hi. I just got my #31 extracted 5 hours ago and everything looked fine until I woke up from my nap. It feels like a ball of soft tissue and its squishy. Barely any pain. It is noticeably large and over the extraction site to where I can't see the stitches. It kind of has swirls of blood and whiteish and yellow stuff by the look of it. The dentist said it had a little infection but he got all the puss out and cleaned it out. I was wondering if I should go get this looked at in the morning or wait it out and see what happens. Please help!


It could be normal swelling but I'm not sure. No pain is a very good sign. Keep in mind that most extraction sites don't completely heal and look normal for quite a while after the extraction.

You should follow the aftercare instructions you were given.

But if you have any concerns at all call your dentist to see what he or she recommends. They are familiar with your case and are best qualified to answer. You should always feel comfortable calling with questions especially with the holiday coming up.


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