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Does Biotene Mouthwash Cure Dry Mouth?

Biotene mouthwash restores moisture to sufferers of dry mouth symptoms.

Though not a cure, this treatment does what your body would do if it could....adds protiens and enzymes found in your saliva.  Biotene is a good choice to improve dry mouth..

You can use this product as part of your daily routine or as needed throughout the day to get relief.

Because Biotene is alcohol free and it's ingredients include protiens and enzymes, it is much thicker than other brands.

Listerine, ACT, Crest Pro-Health, even Scope, all have ingredients that tend to dry your mouth.

While they help in other ways, adding moisture when you need it is not what they do best.

Because its’ ingredients are so different from other types of mouthwash, Biotene takes some getting used to.


This product can be used up to five times a day.

Your mouth will feel less dry for about and hour and a half after each use.

This product is intentionally fluoride free so that you can use it more frequently.  Mouthwash that contains fluoride is recommended once or twice a day depending on the concentration.

Fluoride free?

biotene mouthwash

In case you are wondering....Yes, you do need fluoride when you have a dry mouth.

Saliva provides protection from cavity causing acids. When you don't have enough saliva, you need extra fluoride to strengthen enamel and restore cavity protection.

Prevident 5000 provides a great once a day fluoride boost.

Other helpful products...

Biotene toothpaste does include fluoride and is SLS free. It should be used in place of your regular toothpaste to improve dry mouth.

Biotene Mouthspray is handy to times when you can't rinse cut need a quick busrst of moisture.

Biotene Oralbalance Gel provides long lasting relief and is great for night time use.

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