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Does Biotene Toothpaste Cure Dry Mouth?

Biotene Toothpaste is used to relieve the symptoms of dry mouth.

Biotene improves dry mouth but does not cure it.  

Since regular toothpaste ingredients can actually dry your mouth. It's a good idea to use Biotene if you have a dry mouth.

Dry mouth can be mild or severe and has many causes including sjogren's syndrome,  medications, age and chronic diseases.

This problem is becoming more and more common as the population ages and more adults need prescription medicines for a variety of health problems.  It has been estimated that 80% of all prescription medications can cause dry mouth.

Dry mouth can range in severity from just a little annoying to severe.

A severely dry mouth makes it difficult to swallow, eat or talk.

Dry mouth is not only uncomfortable, it  makes getting gingivitis and gum disease more likely and increases the risk for tooth decay.

Saliva helps to buffer the acids that cause cavities and contains enzymes that start the digestive process.

Biotene uses a bio-active enzyme system to replace salivary enzymes and comes in 3 varieties.

All three reduce tissue irritations, contain no SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) and have a gentle low foaming formula.


Biotene Sensitive - includes a desensitizing ingredient to improve tooth sensitivity.

Biotene PBF - provides extra cleaning power to loosen biofilm also known as dental plaque.

biotene toothpaste cure for dry mouth

Biotene makes these products that can be used to moisten and refresh your mouth throughout the day or night:

Biotene mouthwash is a good replacement for mouth rinse  products containing alcohol.  

Biotene gel Can be used before bedtime to prevent fragile gum and cheek tissues from drying out.

Biotene Mouthspray Is handy for when you are unable to rinse or drink water and provides relief for 2 hours.  

Because some of these products contain peppermint oil they may not be suitable for those with GERD.

These are some additional ways to  improve dry mouth.

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