Why do I have a blister on my gum?

This question by Teresa about a blister on her gum.  It's hard to answer a question like her's without seeing the blister.  

But, two facts make me think she needs to see her dentist.

1. She has a bridge that recently broke and came off near the blister.

2. The blister comes and goes but never heals completely.

Teresa's question

I have a 4 tooth bridge that has been on there for 30 years....just recently I started getting a red blister on the gum above one tooth.....it goes away and comes back...I gargle with salt water and it does seem to help.

While having the problem about 1 month ago the bridge came off one day except for one tooth...took to dentist and he cememted it back on.

But I still get the blister every now and then.

The dentist also said that part of my teeth were broke off into the crown and that the crown would be ok if I did not chew hard with it...it doesn't really hurt but the gum is very tender when I get blister.

I would just like to know what is causing it.

My reply

Hi Teresa, Most often a blister or pimple that comes and goes is an indication of infection (abscess) of some type.

The blister allows for drainage and relief of the pressure. Often when a drainage "blister" is present, the area is less painful and when the blister goes away the pain returns. 

Infection could be present in the bone, tooth or gum tissue.

You should see a dentist to find out why you have this recurring problem. 

This article includes more information about abscessed tooth treatment.

Another possibility is a gum irritation.

Since your bridge recently broke and had to be recemented, it is possible that the broken part of the bridge is pressing against your gums and making them sore.

Once a bridge breaks it typically needs to be replaced with a new bridge.  30 years is a long time for a bridge to last.  It is not unusual for bridges to wear out after that long.

It would be nice if you could use the bridge for chewing.

Either way, the problem isn't going away and should be checked by your dentist.

Thanks for writing and good luck,


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