Bone graft after wisdom teeth extraction

by Mary

My son had 3 wisdom teeth removed and one left for another appointment. We were charged $4000. I requested a breakdown of the charges because they seem excessive..

We were charged $800 per tooth for bone grafts although the 2 teeth removed were not impacted. We were also charged before treatment and have a credit because they have not excised the 4th tooth.

The charges seem excessive. Should I have them refund the credit?

Is there any way to check to see if they actually performed bone grafts? What would you suggest that we do.


Hi Mary,
Unless there is some unusual circumstance, I don't know why you would need a bone graft after a wisdom tooth extraction. Even impacted wisdom teeth usually don't require a bone graft.

Bone grafts are typically needed when a tooth is removed and then later replaced with an implant. The bone graft is placed in the extraction site so there is more bone to support the implant.

At the very least you should have been given a treatment plan and estimate before the procedure was done.

As far as checking to see if the bone grafts were done....sometimes you can see bone grafts on an X-Ray but I'm not sure if they are always visible.

I would suggest you ask the dentist or surgeon why the bone grafts were needed and more importantly why you were not informed before the procedure.

Hopefully he or she will refund all or part of the fee for the bone grafts or at least give you an explanation for why they were needed. I'm not sure where you live... fees may be higher than average in your area but $800 seems quite high to me.

I'm so sorry you are having to sort this out. Wisdom teeth extractions are painful enough without the added financial pain and loss of trust in your dentist.

I hope your son's recovery is going well.

Thanks for writing,

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