Bone just below right nostril above upper lip painful

What would cause the following?
Sudden very painful ache along entire upper right row of teeth.
A day after intial pain, pain went away but replaced by new pain symptom. Pain now present deep in upper gum area (above teeth roots) deep under upper lip (Upper RH side only) along upper gum line. Sharp pain (like a needle or paper cut type pain) when toched with finger.
Pain location: just below RH nose nostril and cheek bone.
Pain is constant but tolerable. If area is touched or stimulated, very sharp pain is felt.
Constant dull RH side head-ache and slight ear ache is also present.


Hi sorry your having pain. I would definitely recommend getting this check by your dentist ASAP. You could have an infection that is causing pressure and pain in the entire area. An after hours clinic is another option if no dentist is available on the weekend.

Hope you feel better soon,

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