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Braun Electric Toothbrush Review

Braun electric toothbrushes are made by Oral B, a well known and widely respected brand.

braun electric toothbrush

Oscilating-rotating technology combined with the small size of these rechargeable electric toothbrushes allow them to reach between your teeth and near your gums.

The classic Braun toothbrush head is small and round, like the tooth polisher used by dental hygienists.

Unique features

Small size and shape very helpful if you have a small mouth or a strong gag reflex

Pressure sensor that makes the brush stop if you are pushing too hard against your teeth

Four cleaning modes Daily clean, sensitive, whitening, deep clean

Two minute timer with a digital display so you know how long you have brushed

Oral Irrigator one model comes with an oral irrigator


These toothbrushes come in a wide price range from their top of the line rechargeable ($224.00 retail) down to $20 battery powered electric toothbrushes.

There are thirteen....(yes 13!) rechargeable models to choose from.

About 10 too many!

To narrow it down... choose one of the five Professional-Care models starting at $69.99. They all have Oral-B's highest plaque removing power with varying features.

On a budget? Go for the least expensive rechargeable model from the Oral B vitality series and avoid the AA battery powered. You will have more power.

Think of the money you'll save on batteries!

Don't forget: Electric toothbrush heads should be replaced every 3-6 months.

My opinion

This is a great product that works very well.

I used one of their basic models for many years and loved it. The small round head is my favorite feature because it reaches all the small hard to reach spaces and adapts to the tooth just like a professional polisher.

Many of my clients have good results with Oral B electric brushes and are happy with their choice.

It is ideal for those with a small mouth, a strong gag reflex, or difficulty reaching certain areas with a standard size toothbrush.

One small complaint: Too many choices in this product line.

It's overwhelming and not necessary.

I wish they would keep it simple. Because of all the different Braun electric toothbrush models, there are too many ratings and reviews to get through.

Here's my Braun vs Sonicare comparison.

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