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Worried About Brown Spots on Teeth

I went to the dentist one month ago and they found & filled two cavities. 

I was looking in my mouth with a flashlight a few days ago and I found these spots between my teeth:

Are they cavities?? 

They don't hurt when I eat hot or cold foods... 

I've been brushing 2x a day (At first with a Sonicare but then a manual toothbrush for about 2 weeks, now back to a Sonicare toothbrush) and flossing 1x a day (I stopped for a week but started again about a week ago) since I went to the dentist.

I don't drink coffee or red wine but I do drink sodas like Coca Cola and Dr Pepper. I'm really worried :(

My Reply

It may be a little bit of stain that can be removed at your next dental cleaning.  In the meantime try these suggestions for removing tooth stain. 

They don't look like cavities, but if you want to know for sure, ask your dentist to check them.

To know for sure, your dentist will need to dry them with air, look at them from every angle, and use an instrument to check for decay.

Most likely it's just a little bit of stain that can be polished off at your next cleaning. Stain can come from any food or liquid that has any color at all. Dark sodas can definitely stain your teeth.  More importantly, sodas cause cavities.  Diet soda is better but still very acidic and not good for your teeth.

Stain is more likely to occur between your teeth or in the deep grooves of your molars.  Mild staining from food or liquid does not harm your teeth and can be easily removed at your next cleaning.

How to remove teeth stains at home

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