I have a bump in my gum, bulging tooth and soreness when eating

by Akudo 
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Akudo's question:

I am 19 and I recently had trouble with my teeth. I have an appointment on Friday but I am HORRIFIED of dentists, I even get worked up when I smell something that reminds me of a desist office.

afraid of dentist

I used to clench my teeth a lot but I recently moved into a less stressful environment and I feel a lot better and don't clench anymore. 

I was wondering in the meantime what this swollen part of my gum can mean?

It's little and it kind of feels like my gum is coming off.  

But it doesn't hurt unless I eat something on that side of my mouth or touch it. 

I also have a tooth on a different part of my mouth that looks like the root is bulging from the top of my gums.

I never even noticed before! It doesn't hurt or anything but it's there.

And finally it hurts when I eat anything sweet.  

I'm pretty sure it's a cavity but why do I get them if I don't eat candy, drink soda or juice and barely consume sugar? 

What might the dentist do to treat me?

I am so scared I will have to get drills and root canals or lose teeth! I am having a panic attack because I'm afraid of dentist already and I have always had pretty good teeth :'(

My reply:

Hi Akudo, It sounds like you have a lot of concerns that should be looked at by a dentist.

I'm very glad that you have an appointment on Friday.

It is possible that none of the problems will need dental treatment or that all of them will.

In any case, just take it one visit at a time and try not to worry so much.

I hope you have a dentist who is patient and gentle and can help you deal with your fear of dentists.

I'm assuming that Friday's visit is just to look so no need to be afraid. After that you can check into some sedation options if you and your dentist decide it is necessary.

Don't stress out too much...it will be good to at least know what the problems are and you may be pleasantly surprised:)

When you don't knwo what to expect, it's easy to let your thoughts go crazy and build into something huge and scary.  Reality may be that your issues  are simple and easy to treat.

If you do  need treatment, consider nitrous oxide or a stronger sedative.  There are medications that are helpful to take the edge off your anxiety.

Here is an article on Sedation dentistry.

It explains the types of sedation that are available including one woman's positive experience.

Thank you for writing and good luck,

Akudo replies:

Thank you so much!

Recently I've had to face my fears but I appreciate all the helpful links on your website!

I've recently faced my fear of needles, centipedes and deep water lol but you make me feel very assured that nothing will be too painful or even painful at all!

This website is awesome btw!

I'll give an update this Friday

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