Bump on Gums

Unfortunately, bad care on my part and lack of insurance due to finical issues have led to a horrible condition of my teeth. With several broken, I have one that has pain still in the root area. The main concern is a bump that has grown in size. I'm not sure if this is a fistula or something else. It's not a blinding pain like I've had with an abscess and this has been going on a few months.

Sorry for the poor picture quality.


Sorry you are having trouble with your teeth. Life circumstances sometimes make getting dental care difficult or impossible.

It is impossible to know without seeing the area both visually and radiographically. It could be a fistula that is providing a way for an abscess to drain. Once a fistula forms the pain typically decreases because there is less pressure. It is not uncommon for infections with a fistula to be pain free.

I hope you are able to get it checked by a dentist soon.

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