Can Wisdom Teeth Grow Back???

Can wisdom teeth grow back?  


But they are the most random and unpredictable teeth. They come in every shape and size.  

can wisdom teeth grow back

It is possible to have 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or more.  

The record (in my experience) is 7.  Not a fun record to set because all 7 had to be removed.

Rick may have an extra one.

Rick's question

Ok, I had my lower wisdom teeth removed over 20 years ago in the Navy. My problem is 4 days ago, I developed a sore right behind my last molar. 

A friend said its a canker sore. I thought they only effect lips and cheeks?? Well today I used a flashlight to look in there cause I feel something sharp feeling on the sore.

It looks like a tooth coming in and I used tweezers thinking it was something stuck in my gum. I'm using canker-x right now and it help with the pain. Your help would be great as I don't have the funds to visit a dentist ( unemployed)


My reply

Hi Rick, No, wisdom teeth don't grow back. But it is possible to have an extra wisdom tooth.

Extra wisdom teeth are not common and probably the Navy dentist would have seen it on the X Ray when you had the others removed and at least told you it was there. 

Canker sores aka aphthous ulcers can and do occur anywhere inside your mouth. Time will tell. If you have an aphthous ulcer, it will be gone after about ten days to two weeks.

It is also possible for bone fragments to work their way through the gums after a tooth is extracted.  But since it has been 20 years, it's not likely in your case.

I'm not surprised that the ointment you used made it feel better. It probably has something that numbs the area and even if it is a wisdom tooth coming in, the medicine would make it feel better for a short time. 

An extra wisdom tooth won't go away of course and would probably need to be removed if there is not enough room for it to erupt in a functioning position. 

If it doesn't heal after 2 weeks you should have it checked by a dentist.

Good luck and thanks for writing,

P.S. Be careful with the tweezers:)

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