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7 Causes of Gingivitis

The causes of gingivitis have one thing in common, they all directly or indirectly irritate your gums causing an inflammatory response in the process...redness, swelling, and bleeding.

The response can be slight or extreme.

1. Biofilm

Bacteria  grow at a fast and furious pace where it is moist, dark and warm which is why bacterial plaque forms early and often near your gums.

Keeping biofilm aka plaque off your teeth and away from your gums almost always cures gingivitis.

Plaque is no doubt the primary cause but there are many secondary causes of gingivits.

2. Pregnancy

Prenancy gingivitis is a reaction to hormonal changes and increased blood volume. It is important to control because gum disease is a risk factor for pre term labor and low birth weight babies.

3. Orthodontic braces

Gingivitis with braces happens quite often. It is difficult to clean around orthodontic wires and brackets. A Sonicare electric toothbrush or Waterpik flosser will help.

4. Poor dental work

 fillings or crowns that don't fit properly are impossible to clean and can keep your gums very irritated.

5. Vit D deficiency

 Low vit D and gingivitis is becoming common as more and more of the population is vitamin D deficient.

6. Dry mouth

Mouth breathing and snoring keep fragile gum tissue dried out all night. Once the gums become irritated and sore you are likely to avoid brushing and flossing them. Sore gums from a dry mouth are the start of a vicious cycle that results in chronic gingivitis.

7. Crowded teeth

crowded teeth are more difficult to keep clean. Severe crowded teeth may not have enough healthy gum tissue to support and protect them.

Many secondary causes of gingivitis are temporary or can be easily remedied. Focusing on the primary cause ~ removing plaque is a good strategy for curing gingivitis.

ANUG, or acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis is an extreme form of gingivitis. It is rare and more complicated. Many times antibiotics are required before any type of treatment can be completed for this extremely painful condition.

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