How to Avoid Cavities and Fillings

Cavities and fillings are something most have experienced.  How do you know if you have a cavity?

There are no obvious symptoms of tooth decay at first.

Teeth with cavities can be found by your dentist long before you would see or feel them.

cavities and fillings

But as tooth decay progresses it can make your tooth hurt.

This is because the cavity has gotten bigger and is closer to the nerve.

This tooth ache pain ranges from just a little sensitive to cold, hot, or sweets, to a more constant ache.

Tooth pain or tooth sensitivity is not a reliable indicator of cavities because some cavities get very large before having any symptoms.

I have seen a lot of cavities and fillings. After a thousand or two, you begin to notice what the cavity prone  of the world have in common.

More importantly, I have seen many go from being cavity prone to cavity free.  

Here's how you can do it too...

Change Your Diet

Decreasing sugar by far the most important change you can make to prevent cavities.  Sugar in candy, pastries and sodas is the worst but even a high carb diet can increase your cavity risk.

It is rare to see a person with a mouth full of cavities that doesn't often find themselves with a corresponding mouth full of sugar.  

Starchy carbohydrates like white bread, potatoes, and pasta are also considered sugar.

Sugar filled drinks are the worst. It takes your mouth 20 minutes to recover from one bite of candy or one sip of a sugary drinkā€¦ bad news for those who like to sip their soda all day or sweetened coffee all morning.

If you can't live without sugar (You probably can), eating or drinking it quickly will help.

A better solution...drink more water and avoid sugar filled drinks entirely.

Baby tooth decay is a good example.

Most baby teeth decay as a result of juice or milk being slowly consumed. Juice is particularly harmful and should never be put in a bottle or toddler cup that is constantly sipped on.

In addition to decreasing the sugar in your diet, brushing, flossing, and using dental care products with fluoride will help to prevent cavities and fillings.

Brush, Floss and Use Fluoride Products

Plaque + sugar = cavities.  Keeping your teeth extra clean will prevent tooth decay.  

These simple steps will make your enamel stronger:


Stay Hydrated

Having a dry mouth makes it easier to get cavities. Saliva does the important job of buffering acids that come from plaque and sugar.

With less Saliva, you have less cavity protection.

Dry mouth has many causes and is not easy to cure, but taking extra precautions to prevent cavities will help. 

If you have a dry mouth, sugar is even more harmful to your teeth and fluoride even more important.

5 Surprising Tooth Decay Causes

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