cavity in my a teeth

by gadhavi sunil

Hello I m a student I m too much worried about my teeth . please provide idea about How to control growth of cavity its going worse & worse I m from farmer & village family &have abandon sourse of neem etc trees so please provide if any ayurvedic or natural sourses please reply whatevervyou know about cavity &prevention cheap &free of cost treatment
Eagerly waiting for your reply


Hi Gadhavi, It does look like you have a cavity on your second molar though it is impossible to know for sure from a photo. You should see a dentist to have it checked. I wish I could give you a good home remedy to slow the growth of cavities but the best and only true remedy is a filling.

I don't know about lower cost treatment in your area. Hopefully you can do some research and find an affordable dentist.

Cavities do get bigger over time. If you can get it repaired soon it will cost less than if you wait.

To prevent future cavities avoid sugar in your diet, keep your teeth clean by brushing and flossing each day and use toothpaste with fluoride.

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