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Chlorhexidine Rinse: A Quick Way to Heal Sore Gums

Chlorhexidine rinse kills bacteria that cause gum disease. It also increases the time it takes for plaque to "grow back" in your mouth.

It is unique because of it's ability to kill a broad spectrum of bacteria.

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This prescription rinse is commonly used as a pre and post rinse before gum surgery, wisdom teeth extractions and other mouth surgeries.

Also used before and after dental scaling or deep cleaning and is ideal for short term home use to improve sore inflamed gums.

This rinse kills a wide variety of bacteria and delays plaque (biofilm) formation,  makes infection less likely and helps sore gums heal faster.

Recommended uses for chlorhexidine rinse

Several years ago this prescription mouthwash was widely recommended for gingivitis and more advanced gum disease. Rinsing with it twice a day for three months was the prescription for treating gingivitis and improving more advanced gum disease.

The result: healthier gums.

But..after twice daily use for 3 months, it can stain your teeth and may cause an increase in calculus (tarter) build-up making for long and difficult cleaning appointments.

Also...the rinse has an after taste.  Long term use can cause an altered sense of taste.

Because of these temporary side effects. It is no longer recommended for long term daily use but is very effective for short term treatment.

Short term use is best

I use and recommend this product. There is nothing better for killing bacteria quickly and easily and soothing sore gums.  It is perfect for short term use.

I sometimes send a bottle home with a client to use for a week or two. 

Except for the after-taste, side effects are not a problem when used for a short time.

For long term daily rinsing, use Listerine mouthwash twice a day for 30 seconds.

Studies show Listerine to have similar good bacteria killing results with fewer side effects.

Gum Medications 

Listerine ~ A good OTC alternative

Arestin ~ Antibiotic treatment

Periostat  ~  A different type of antibiotic therapy

Brand names

This rinse requires a prescription in the US but is available OTC (over the counter) in some countries.

Chlorhexidine is marketed under these brand names: Peridex, Periochip, Perichlor, Periogard, Corsodyl, Chlorhex, Chlorhexamed, Savacol, Suthol, Sterimax, Clohex, QUADRA. Perioxidina, Peridont, and Clorexil.

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