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Compare Dental Insurance
5 Plans to Consider

Compare dental insurance plans and make a wise choice.  Insurance makes dental care more affordable and provides motivation to see your dentist twice a year.

But it is not for everyone.  Should you purchase a dental plan?

Unlike medical care, dentistry is somewhat affordable and you may be better off without dental insurance.

Every situation is different... A little bit of research, comparing cost vs benenfit and evaluating your personal risk will help you decide.

1. Indemnity Plan

Indemnity is the most traditional type of dental insurance.

Indemnity insurance offers the most flexibility...you can go to any dentist you choose.

Every indemnity plan is different, but most have a deductible and cover all preventative care, most basic care and half the cost of major care.

2. Dental PPO

Dental PPO or preferred provider plans provide coverage if you choose a dentist from their approved list. The insurance company sets the fees and the dentist agrees to them. You will most likely have a copay for more expensive treatment.  More about PPO plans here.

3. Scheduled Plans

With scheduled plans the insurance provider has a list (or schedule) of procedures with a dollar amount that you will be reimbursed when you have a procedure done. You are responsible for the difference.

4. Discount cards

Discount cards give you a discount at certain dental offices. Dental discount plans are very affordable and help with your dental costs but don't provide as much coverage as other options.

5. DMO or dental health maintenance organization

With DMO plans you choose from a list of dentists. The dentist gets paid a small amount every month to provide preventative care at no cost and basic or major care for a reduced fee. The dentist gets paid even if you don't ever have an appointment. This type of plan sounds good but has quite a few disadvantages.

The bottom line...

dental insurance for individuals

Dental insurance is a good idea for some while others are better off with without.

Take a look at your dental history. 

Ask your dentist for a summary of your treatment for the last five years. Then consider other factors including....the health of your gums, how many crowns fillings and bridges do you have and are they in good shape?

Your dentist and dental hygienist can help you estimate your future needs.

If you have a healthy mouth that has only required minimal work you could be just fine without dental insurance. Just pay as you go.

On the other hand...if you can't afford occasional unexpected dental expenses or don't have such a great dental history you should compare dental insurance plans and choose the one that fits your budget.

Here are some thoughts on good dental insurance and what it should include.

The best dental insurance depends on the individual's dental history and financial circumstances.

Before purchasing a plan, evaluate your history and potential future needs and consider all options. 

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