I'm Concerned about Discharge from My Gums 

Greg's Question

I'm a 26 year-old male with a slight history of gingivitis, and essentially undamaged teeth (one has a slight surface chip near its end).

For the past few days, my gums have been releasing a discharge that tingles (a little like Icy-Hot). It seems somewhat basic in comparison to the general pH of my mouth (when its strong, it can cause the lining of my mouth to "curdle" slightly, like using too much toothpaste), and tastes a little like baking soda.

I have been flossing, brushing, and rising my mouth frequently at least since the discharge started, but probably since I became a little overzealous in my brushing after eating too many sweets during Thanksgiving.

I have been brushing and flossing each about thrice daily, and rising my mouth with mouthwash four-six times per day, and rinsing my mouth with bottled water about twice more per day.

I've also been avoiding juices and foods with added sugar.

I'm scheduling a dental appointment (I'm new to my area, and don't yet have a dentist), but am concerned about what I should do until then. I can't tell if I've irritated my gums with overly vigorous cleaning, or if I'm fighting a gum infection and should continue as I am to try to prevent damage to my connective tissue.

I would appreciate any advice you might have.

My Reply

Hi Greg, That is a very thorough description.

I wish I could tell you exactly what the problem is.  I wonder if your gums are irritated from overuse of products.

Sometimes overuse of a product or sensitivity to certain ingredients or foods can cause something called tissue sloughing.

It looks like white discharge but is really your gum tissue peeling away like your skin peels after a sunburn.

You can wipe these stringy, white pieces of gum tissue away with a piece of gauze. 

It is possible that your post thanksgiving routine caused your gums to react this way.

Rinsing four to six times a day could be making it worse. Overuse is not helpful. 

My advise is to always follow the directions on the products you are using and see a dentist.

In the meantime, try a more relaxed routine.  I'm sure you have more than made up for eating too many sweets;)

Brush gently but thoroughly twice a day, floss once a day, Take a break from your rinse for a few days then use only as directed. 

Here is my best advice on how to find a dentist

Good luck,

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