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The Cost of Cleaning Teeth

What is the cost of cleaning teeth?  The price ranges from $75 to $135 for a dental cleaning.  

Additional charges that are incurred at this appointment are an examination by a dentist, dental x-rays and fluoride treatment.  When all is said and done, the cost could be $100-$300.  

Too much for some budgets.  I can teach you how to make dental care more affordable.

In this article…

learn money saving tips and how to avoid a scam.

Fortunately, the entire cost of this preventative care is covered by most dental insurance plans and the deductible quite often doesn't have to be met for preventative care to be 100% covered. 

A dental cleaning is essential to maintaining your dental health.  At your cleaning appointment, the hygienist has time to evaluate not only your gums, but every surface of every tooth.  

It is a good way  to find cavities when they are very small and easily  (and more affordably) treated. 

Typically a cleaning is recommended twice a year but some need it 3 or 4 times a year and others only once a year.  

If you don't have dental insurance the cost of teeth cleaning can add up quickly.  If you have a family, it adds up even faster.  Some dentists are willing to help you  make this important care more affordable.

Money saving ideas

X-Rays ~ Instead of a full set (FMX), ask for a smaller set of X-Rays  (bitewing X rays) to be taken.  Instead of having them taken once a year, have them taken once every two years.

If you are not prone to cavities, fewer X-Rays is acceptable.  If you are prone to tooth decay or other problems, it could cost you more in the long run.  Your dentist  can help you decide.  

Exam ~  It is important to have a dentist examine your teeth at least once a year.  Those who need 3-4 cleanings per year may not need a dentist's exam every time.  

Discounts ~ Many dentists offer a variety of discounts.  Cash, senior, military, or family discounts may be available but not necessarily advertised. Be sure to ask about discounts.

Good home care ~  Taking good care of your teeth at home could help you go from needing 4 cleanings per year to 2.  Increasing and improving your brushing and flossing will work.  Using a Sonicare electric toothbrush works well too.

Finding an honest dentist is essential

Sadly this important part of good dental care can easily be abused by dishonest dentists and hygienists.  

There are some dental professionals who refuse to do a regular cleaning and instead recommend a deep cleaning that costs at least four times as much, when a regular cleaning would be enough.

A deep cleaning is great if you really need it but a waste of your time and money if you don't.  If your dentist recommends a deep cleaning and you are not sure it is needed or don't feel satisfied with the explanation, it is worth getting another opinion.  Learn how to tell when deep cleaning is needed here.

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