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The Cost of Tooth Implants

Prices vary, but when both phases are completed, most implants cost around $2500 - $3000 per tooth.  

Most often teeth implants are completed in two stages.

Each phase is billed separately allowing the cost to be spread out over several months.

Though expensive, there are many advantages that make this procedure a great investment in your health.

cost of tooth implants

Insurance coverage

Does your insurance cover it?

The  placement of the implant (phase 1) has not traditionally been paid for by dental insurance plans. Thankfully some plans are begining to provide partial coverage for this phase.  

Most insurance plans cover the crown (phase 2) that is placed on the implant just like they would cover any other crown. Depending on your plan, 50-80% of the crown may be paid for.

If you have dental insurance, your out of pocket expense for an implant may be higher than it would be for a bridge. If you don't have dental insurance, the cost will be about the same.


If you only need to replace one tooth, an implant is less invasive than a bridge.  A bridge does exactly what it says...bridges the gap where there once was a tooth.  A traditional bridge requires that the two adjacent teeth be crowned.

Bridges are a decent way to replace a tooth except that it's a shame to put crowns on two teeth just because another tooth is missing.

A bridge is one solid piece that is harder to keep clean and over time puts additional chewing stress on the anchor teeth.

When maintained, Implants can last a lifetime.  Because they are made of metal, it's impossible to get a cavity on an implant:) But they are still susceptible to gum disease.  

Because of their size and shape, implants require extra attention to keep them gum disease free.

Bridges can last a long time as well but can still get a cavity on either of the adjacent teeth.

Small cavities can be repaired, but a large cavity on either tooth means you have to replace the entire bridge...hate it when that happens!

Bridges also require extra cleaning to prevent gum disease.

An implant prevents bone resorption.  When teeth are removed, the jaw bone slowly resorbs or shrinks. When a person loses more than one tooth, the jaw gets narrower and smaller, making partial or full dentures difficult to wear.

An implant placed soon after a tooth is lost will preserve bone.

Implant vs bridge

There are some scenarios that make a dental bridge a better choice.

A bridge that replaces one tooth involves three teeth and is called a three unit bridge.

The three units are one replacement tooth and the two adjacent teeth.

Bridges can be more than three units if more than one tooth is missing.

In most cases, a three unit bridges cost almost the same as one implant.  When faced with the decision of  Implant vs bridge, most often an implant is the better choice....but there are exceptions.   

Discount implants?

I love a bargain as much as anyone, but some things are too important to cut corners. If you choose a lower priced dentist, be sure to thoroughly check references and reviews.

Cost should not be the only deciding factor.

Some implant dentists offer discounts for seniors, military personnel, or cash...It never hurts to ask.

Are they worth the cost?

In my opinion, yes! It's hard to talk or eat when you are missing teeth and implants are a much better long term solution than dentures.

Teeth implants are the best way to restore the function of natural teeth and they look beautiful too.

Can't put a price tag on that:)

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