My New Crown is smooth, not textured like a molar should be, is this normal?

By Jen from Baltimore,MD 

A few months ago I went to the dentist for the first time in 8 years. (Lacked any sort of insurance) 

I have bad teeth, and was pregnant on medical assistance, which covers all dental work, so I felt this was a golden opportunity, since my 2 top very back molars on each side were in bad shape, giant cavities, which my last dentist gave me a tube of flouride and sent me on my way, instead of suggesting to fix them.. Weird right? 

Anyway, this new dentist was very accommodating of everything I needed. I received 2 root canals, needing crowns.

Anyway, I didn't have much of a tooth left on one side, he took impressions but I can't imagine it did much good.. Except to get what my bottom teeth look like? 

Long story short -- the crown that was placed is smooth almost with no tooth like contours.. It's just kind of...Wavy?

It's not pointy like my other molars. It also doesn't feel slick like my other teeth. The outsides of it feels slick, the part that makes contact does not. It's also a little sensitive.. 

Is this normal? What should my crown look/feel like? Should I bother him to redo it? Or maybe just go somewhere else and get a 2nd opinion.. 

Thanks for your time, hopefully you can answer my question, because I am at a loss!

My reply

Hi Jen, I'm glad you were able to get your dental work done. If this is your first crown it may take a little getting used to.

Crowns are not as pointy as your natural teeth.

It is normal for the cusp tips (the pointy part of your teeth) to be rounder.

The texture can be different too. Some crowns feel a lot smoother than teeth and some feel rougher.

Gold or porcelain crowns that are made by a dental lab feel smoother than tooth enamel. 

Cerec crowns can sometimes have a rougher texture that takes a little getting used to. Cerec crowns are made at the dental office and only take one visit to complete. Lab made crowns take two appointments.

This article explains more about dental crowns.  

New crowns can be a little sensitive at first. The sensitivity should gradually improve. If it doesn't, you should have the crown checked by the dentist who made it. It could need a slight adjustment.

Since the texture feels rough only on certain parts of the crown, it is possible that there is some stray cement that needs to be removed.

It sounds like you have an open contact which is not ideal.  This gap allows food to get stuck and could lead to a cavity on the root surface or gum inflammation.

There is no easy way to fix an open contact other than making a new crown.  

Go back to your dentist. If you don't get an adequate response or if these issues continue to bother you, get another opinion. 

Thank you for writing and good luck,

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