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Cure for Receding Gums: 3 Treatment Options

The best cure for receding gums is to identify the cause then stop progression of receding gums.

In most cases, monitoring and preventing the condition from getting worse may be all that is needed.

For gums that are severely receded, there are 3 treatment options

3 Treatment Options

1. Gum Graft

Receded gums can be replaced with a gum graft.  Gum grafting is a surgical procedure that is done by a periodontist--gum specialist.

Gum tissue can be grafted from another part of the mouth--most often the roof of the mouth, or donor tissue is used.

Gum grafts are expensive especially if more than one or two areas need to be grafted. They will be sore for a few days after the procedure.

Tissue that is grafted from the roof of the mouth, results in more soreness and a longer recovery time compared to donor tissue grafts.

Gum grafts that are well done look very natural, improve the functionality of teeth, decrease tooth sensitivity and improve your smile if the area is visible.

Grafts are a good option if gum tissue has receded enough that the tooth is at risk.

Your dentist can help you determine the need for a gum graft.  This article explains more about the cost of grafting gum tissue.

2. Fillings

Some teeth with receding gums also have  abfracted roots.  Abfractions are small or not so small grooves in the teeth near the gum line. These defects can be be repaired with a tooth colored filling.

Fillings don't replace lost gum tissue but do cover and protect exposed roots and decrease tooth sensitivity while improving appearance.

3. Gentle but thorough cleaning

Since brushing too hard is one of the causes of this problem, It's common for those with receded gums to over compensate and do a poor job of cleaning the gum line.

It's ok to brush your gum line as long as you use a soft toothbrush, non abrasive toothpaste and good technique.   An electric toothbrush thoroughly cleans without damaging your teeth or gums.

Receding Gum Treatment

Since this condition typically progresses slowly, monitoring and prevention may be the only cure for receding gums that is needed.

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