A Question about Dental Anesthetic:
How many shots are needed for a deep cleaning?

Sue is not the only one wondering how many shots are needed for a deep cleaning.  

The good news is most often the entire mouth doesn't need to be numbed and there are more options for numbing these days.

Sue's question

How many shots does it take to numb the whole mouth for a deep cleaning?

My reply

Hi Sue,

To numb every tooth upper and lower, front and back, it takes eight.

That's alot, but before you cancel your deep cleaning appointment, here are a few things to keep in mind.

You have other numbing options

Many dental scalings or deep cleanings can be done without any shots.   A numbing rinse or numbing gel called Oraqix is used instead.  

These products numb your gums and partially numb your teeth and provide enough numbing for some.  

Some dental clients want to be completely numb and don't care how many shots it takes to ensure their numbness! 

Others hate needles or hate the feeling of being numb and don't mind a little minor discomfort. For them, a swish of numbing rinse combined with oraqix takes the edge off and they are just fine.

Then there's the hard core crowd who don't need anything at all. 

Most fall somewhere in the middle and for them the numbing rinse and one or two injections of lidocaine where needed to keep them comfortable.

For your comfort

Dentists and hygienists always use topical or pre numbing gel before giving dental injections so you don't feel the needle. Dental shots are really not that bad.

Nitrous oxide takes the edge off the entire appointment and sedation is yet another option.

Learn more about your treatment

A deep cleaning is one of the best things you can do for your dental health but can also be recommended when you don't need it.

Here is my advice...deep teeth cleaning aka root planning.

And more advice...Do you really need a deep cleaning? 

Hope that is helpful,

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