How Much Does a Dental Bridge Cost? 
And Other Considerations...

Dental bridge cost is higher than most other dental procedures. The cost of a dental bridges ranges from $2000 to $3000.

A dental bridge procedure was once the best way to replace one or more missing teeth.

In recent years dental implants have replaced the three unit bridge as the treatment of choice.

But, dental bridge work still has a place in dentistry and may be the best option for you.

A dental bridge does exactly what it says...bridges the gap between two teeth and fills in the space left after a tooth is removed. 

A bridge is made up of at least two anchor teeth and one or more replacement teeth.

Dental bridges are designed by your dentist and made by a dental lab and should precisely fit the adjacent teeth and perfectly occlude with opposing teeth.

This way of replacing teeth can be beautiful and functional and is completely done in two or three weeks.

Sounds pretty good and it is pretty good.  

But we can de better than pretty good.  Dental bridges have some downside.


This biggest disadvantage of a dental bridge is that it impacts teeth that otherwise would not need treatment. 

To replace one tooth, the two adjacent teeth have to be used. Over time, the extra force on these teeth takes it's toll. Bridges may not last a lifetime.

It is harder to clean and keep gums healthy around bridges. Bridges are impossible to floss without using a floss threader. It is hard enough to get into the habit of flossing with out the added hassle of having to thread your floss under a bridge.

Since a dental fixed bridge is one solid piece, if one part fails the entire bridge has to be replaced. 

Dental bridge repair is possible for minor problems like a small cavity near the margin. But a large cavity on either of the anchor teeth most likely means the whole bridge has to be remade.

Because of their design, most dental bridges eventually have to be replaced.

Bridges can last 10 to 20 years or much longer when they are properly maintained. Depending on your age when the bridge is placed, the procedure may have to be repeated.

Dental Implants are Better

Implants have many advantages...

  • An Implant replaces a tooth without impacting adjacent teeth.
  • An implant should last a lifetime.
  • An implant is easier to clean and maintain the health of the surrounding gum, bone and supporting tissue.

If you are missing more than one tooth, dental bridges can be made to fit over  implants.

For those who are missing 3 or 4 teeth in one part of their mouth, a dental implant bridge is ideal.

This picture shows how teeth can be replaced with a dental implant bridge.

It doesn't look too pretty here but once it is in your mouth it will feel great and look beautiful.  More about Implants here.

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