dental explorer making my fillings loose

by coreen

I have been to a dental clinic for a few months now and as it is a training dental clinic I keep having a trainee each time pic at my teeth.

It is becoming quite annoying and the last one that did it picked and pulled hard and of course my filing came out and she said that it would have came out by itself within the next couple of weeks and i was just wondering are they supposed to pull at your teeth? and not just scrape and tap?


Hi Coreen,

It's a great question! I have patients tell me that their hygienist pulled their fillings out quite often.

I know it can feel like fillings are being pulled out when someone checks your teeth with a dental explorer. But it is impossible to make a filling loose with a dental explorer or any dental instrument. Fillings that are not already loose have to be drilled out.

Dental students tend to check and recheck things in your mouth where as a more experienced dentist would probably check once or just know by looking and not even have to check with the explorer.

You don't want a loose filling going undetected because once loose, bacteria can get between the tooth and filling and cause tooth decay.

Thanks for writing,

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