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How to Choose a Dental Implant Dentist

A dental implant dentist is the one who completes the first phase of implant treatment...the man made root.  

Since this procedure is surgical, oral surgeons and periodontists have traditionally been the ones to place the implant and general dentists have been in charge of the second phase...placing the crown.

These days more and more general dentists are becoming certified to place implants and are qualified to complete the entire implant procedure.

Who is the best person for this job?

To best answer that question, consider the advantages of each practitioner.


A periodontist is a dental specialist who's focus is on the gum, bone, and tissue that connects the bone to the tooth.  

For those who have other gum or bone issues, choosing a periodontist make sense. 

Oral Surgeon

Most oral surgeons have many sedation options available than a general dentist.         

General Dentist

General dentists know about all areas of dental care but may refer you to a specialist when something is beyond their certification or comfort zone.  

Unlike surgeons or periodontists,  a general dentist who is certified to place implants can complete the entire process.

Depending what you need, any of the above options are great choice. 

Who's the best person for your  surgery?

Your dentist can help you choose.  He or she probably knows a few implant specialists and has worked with them for years.

In one conversation with your dentist, you can find answers to all your questions and feel confident about your choice.

If you trust your dentist, you can trust his or her referral.

Should you compare prices?

Once you have a few good choices that meet your criteria, you can begin narrowing them down to find lower cost dental implants but don't choose a dental implant dentist based on price alone.

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