Dental question about tooth extraction

by Betty
(Escondido ca san diego)

I had a molar on the bottom removed today and it has alot of bubbles coming out of the socket. Didn't know if this is normal. Can't tell if a clot formed yet but I'm in alot of pain.Just need to know if all those bubbles are normal for them to be there.


Hi Betty, I'm not sure if the bubbles are normal but your pain should be manageable and should gradually improve. If it is not manageable or improving you should call your dentist.

It is important to stay on your pain meds as prescribed the day of the extraction. As the days go by you should not need as much pain medicine but at first it is best to take meds on schedule and not wait for pain but rather stay ahead of the pain.

You should not hesitate to call your dentist with these or any other questions. Follow up care should always be included especially if you are having concerns.

I hope you feel better soon,

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