What Causes Wobbly Teeth?

This question about wobbly teeth from Sophie shows how harmful teeth grinding can be.

Sophie's question

My teeth always seem quite wobbly in the morning, and sometimes ache. I'm worried that I grind them in the night and are damaging them.

Do you know what it could be?

My reply

Hi Sophie, 

It could be a few things or a combination of factors that are making your teeth wobble.

The fact that it happens in the morning and that they ache are clues that you are grinding or clenching your teeth at night.

Another causes of wobbly teeth is the loss of bone that supports your teeth. Most bone loss occurs as a result of gum disease.   As gum disease progresses, the bone that supports your teeth melts away and teeth begin to get loose.

Traumatic occlusion or teeth that don't fit together properly 
is another cause of wobbly teeth. If a few teeth carry more than their share of the load they eventually get loose.  Sometimes this can be corrected with an adjustment by your dentist.

Damage from clenching and grinding is quite common and easily prevented. But...because the damage happens so gradually, it can be hard to diagnose.

You should have your teeth evaluated by a dentist right away. You likely would benefit from wearing a teeth grinding guard at night.

Here is an article on teeth grinding. It will help you know if you are grinding your teeth.

Grinding guards are available over the counter and can also be custom made by your dentist. Learn what type of night guard is best for you here.


Sophie's reply

Many thanks Shelly, I do find my self clenching my teeth during the day, so maybe I'm doing it in my sleep too!

I'll pay a visit to the dentist.

:o) Sophie

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