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How Dental Scaling Improves Your Health

Dental scaling AKA dental deep cleaning or root planning, is the first step in reversing many gum problems. This procedure is the most conservative and least expensive way to treat gum disease.

After scaling, your teeth will be cleaner than they have been in a long time, feel nice and smooth and your gums will be much happier and healthier.

Because of old style techniques, this valuable treatment has gotten a bad rap. But times have changed and now the most common comment after it's done...

...That wasn't so bad!

A deep cleaning is like removing a splinter...

You don't feel the splinter unless you touch it. It could stay there forever and not bother you if you didn't need to use your finger... but you need your finger so you remove the splinter, It annoys your finger a little to take it out... but feels much better after it's gone.

If you leave dental calculus (the splinter) on your teeth your gums will stay inflamed. Even if they never hurt, you will still have chronic inflammation in your body and be at risk for serious chronic diseases.

Don't be afraid

Here's why you should not be afraid to have this important procedure done...

Your hygienist will use a cavitron.  Cavitrons  also called ultrasonic scalers are the fastest and most comfortable method of removing calculus.

Your hygienist should still use hand instruments but only after the cavitron has done the hard work.

Every case is different, but most deep cleanings can be done in one or two appointments.

For your comfort...

Periodontal Treatment

There are more options for making you comfortable these days. Sometimes a numbing rinse is all you need.

If you need to be more completely numb, dental anesthetic can be comfortably placed. Dental phobic? Most dental offices have all the comforts of home to help you relax including televisions, DVDs, or iPods.

Still not too sure? Try dental sedation ...you can do it!

If you have dental calculus that has built up on your teeth, it's is the only way to reverse your gum disease.

You may need additional treatment but this is the place to start.

Get it done, and be sure to maintain your nice smooth teeth with your  daily routine of brushing and flossing and regular cleanings.

You will be amazed how easy your regular dental cleanings become and how much better your gums look and feel.

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