Is it Possible to Have Dentures and Still Get Gum Disease?  

dentures and gum disease

A good question from Ron.  

It's not possible to have true gum disease after all your teeth are gone but it is possible, even likely to continue to lose bone after the teeth are extracted.

Ron's question

I have gum disease bad and wear dentures, can gums still be repaired?

I have worn dentures for approx 7 yrs or so and I am on my 3rd set cause they are from Affordable Dentures company and they wear out fast even the upper grade ones. 

My main problem is I still have gum disease and my gums are wearing out faster than I expected.

My dentures don't fit anymore and adhesives will not hold them - only a short period of time. 

Is it possible to still have surgery to repair the gums in order to get a better pair of dentures to wear for a better fit? 

I'm 57 yrs old so not sure if anything is worth doing to make things better for what lifetime I have left. 

I take cholesterol and blood pressure medication daily. I have a stint in place now from a minor heart attack back in 2004. 

Thanks for any advice you might help with!

My reply

Hi Ron, 

Thanks for your question. First of all...57 is not that old! 

None of us have any guarantees in life, but with good management of your health, you should have a lot of good years left.

Something so inconvenient as dentures that don't fit is worth your time, money, and effort to fix if possible.

If you have any teeth at all, you could have gum disease. It can and should be treated by a dentist or hygienist.

If you don't have any teeth, you can't have gum disease.

But when all the teeth are removed, your jaw bone shrinks away and makes it very difficult to wear a denture.

Teeth need bone to support them and jaw bones need teeth to keep them from shrinking.

Depending on how much bone you have left, implant supported dentures might be a good solution for you.

Because dental dentures held in by implants have an anchor, they are solid. Dental implant dentures don't slip or rub against your gums and function more like real teeth.

This article includes an interview of a man who improved his quality of life dramatically with implant dentures. Watch the short video all the way to the end to hear his story... I think he is older than you:)

Thank you for writing and good luck,


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