5 Reasons to Choose Digital Dental X-Rays

With digital dental  x-rays you can become an active participant in your dental care and treatment planning.

Your dentist and dental hygienist have a clearer view of their worksite enhancing and shortening your time in the dental chair.

"Wow, that's amazing technology," is a comment I hear daily after taking digital dental x rays.

Dental clients appreciate the speed, comfort, and quality of digital.  

The benefits of this technology are immediately obvious.

5 Reasons to Choose Digital

1.They are Bigger  Now instead of looking at a picture the size of your yearbook photo,  your dentist has an extreme close-up of your teeth. Cavities, advanced gum disease, and many other dental conditions become bigger than life and almost impossible to miss.

2. They are Better  Because digital dental x-rays are computerized there are many tools available to improve the quality of x-ray images. The image can be made darker or lighter, contrast can be added, color enhanced to better interpret density, measurements taken, or zoomed in for an even closer look.

3. They are Safer  Radiation from dental x rays has never been a big concern. Even the old fashioned way is very safe. But digital has taken radiation exposure to an all time low, decreasing your exposure anywhere from sixty to ninety percent. 

4. They are More Comfortable  Digital x-rays are taken with a sensor versus the old way where film was required. Covering the sensor with disposable barriers provides infection control and adds cushioning to make the edges smoother and more comfortable.

5. They are Greener Digital creates less waste and requires no chemicals. Dental x ray film is wrapped in two layers of cardboard or plastic. A sheet of lead comes with every piece of film. All of this has to be recycled. Film Processors use chemicals that smell bad and eventually have to be disposed of.

Your treatment is better with digital x-rays

Your Dental x-ray images are just a mouse click away with digital. In addition to improving the diagnosis of dental conditions, treatment is also made easier.

Instead of searching through a paper chart, your dentist or hygienist can easily view your current or previous digital x-ray at any time during treatment. This is an advantage for any dental procedure.

  • Root Canals are not a favorite for anyone, but if they can be done faster and more accurately, all the better. Digital x ray technology improves this unpopular procedure by providing instant feedback to the dentist. Most digital systems can be used to measure the length of each root. Don't know about you, but I'm all for some of the work being done on a computer screen and less of it done in my mouth:)

  • Dental Scaling, another dental procedure not high on the popularity chart, but ask any dental hygienist if they prefer to work from a tiny image or full computer screen?

  • Dental Surgery is yet another example of instant feedback being invaluable. Not having to wait for a dental x ray to be developed makes surgery go smoother and faster.

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Decrease your exposure

Transferring records is easier with digital

Digital has made this process so much easier. Your digital x-rays can be printed while you wait or emailed to your new dentist.

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