Do I have a dry socket?

Good Day

One of my upper molars were extracted 2 days ago. A blood clot formed, but it dissolved the same evening. However, a yellow layer of soft stuff covered the whole, upon till now when it just suddenly dislodged.

The area surrounding the socket is painful but pain meds ease the pain.

The area now looks like a hole with white/grey tissue on the walls of the socket from my gum line to the bottom of the hole. It does not seem like bone but rather granulation tissue.

Could this be dry socket?

Hello, It could be. However, pain that increases is the most reliable indicator of a dry socket as It is difficult to evaluate visually. It is not unusual for the area to still be sore 2 days after especially if it is relieved by pain medicine. Pain should gradually improve each day. If the pain continues or worsens you should see your dentist.

I hope you feel better soon,

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