Do palatal injections hurt and how much?

This question from Chris is a good one.  I guess there's no way to say no they don't hurt because it's assumed that they do hurt.  

How much is the question:)

Chris' question

Do palatal injections hurt and how much?

My reply

Hi Chris, Yes they sting a little more than other dental injections.

Since the tissue on the palate is so fibrous, topical  (pre numbing gel) doesn't work well.

I've had a few and they are really not that bad. 

You don't need palatal injections for many dental procedures but if you need one, it will only hurt for a few seconds and then you will be numb!

How much? I'd say... it hurts a little more than a mosquito bite but less than a bee sting. 

Remember, the whole point of dental injections is less pain, not more. 


f you are worried about getting a palatal injection, or any injection, there are some things you can do to take the edge off your stress and anxiety.

Many dental offices offer some of the comforts of home to entertain and distract you from whatever procedure you are having.

Listening to music on your iPod or watching a movie can help.

If you need more help to relax, nitrous oxide aka laughing gas is available at most dental offices and is a good option for mild sedation. Nitrous wears off quickly and is very affordable.

Sedation dentistry is commonly used and widely available these days. Many dentists are qualified to provide a variety of sedation options.

Here is an article about sedation or sleep dentistry choices. 

It includes one woman's story of how sedation help her get much needed treatment completed in one visit.

Dentistry has come a long way and with or without sedation, is a more pleasant experience than it was in the past. 

Sometimes the first step or appointment is the hardest. Healthy teeth are worth the time and expense...if you don't believe me, just ask someone with dentures:)

Good Luck,

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